Zoe Bingley-Pullin joined us to share her philosophy on eating for a better lifestyle. Sharing tips on how to increase your health, happiness and performance in all aspects of life through a better relationship with food, Zoe left our mums feeling inspired and energised!


Zoe Bingley-Pullin is a nutritionist and founder of Nutritional Edge, a nutritional consultancy company based in Sydney. Her passion for food has empowered her to help her clients embrace the benefits of food through education.

Zoe has a Diploma of Nutrition and is an internationally trained chef, Le Cordon Bleu School in London, She is currently, the co-host of Channel Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef, with Adrian Richardson where she explore foods and cuisines that are delicious and inspirational to home cooks whilst educating viewers about the benefits of developing a healthy balanced diet. Zoe is also the resident nutritionist on Channel Ten’s, Studio 10, educating views on the latest nutrition information.

She is a passionate writer and published her first book, Eat Taste Nourish, in 2009. She is also the food editor for Fitness First Magazine and a regular contributor to many national publications including Take 5, Women’s Health and Fitness, Madison, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, OK Magazine, Marie Claire and Harper’s BAZAAR.

Her latest venture is an online program called, Falling In Love With Food, an 8-week program that teaches all about food groups, cooking and how to have a loving attitude towards food, for life.