Health, Happiness and Hormones with Belinda Kirkpatrick


Wednesday, 28th March, 10am – 12noon

Join us for a beautiful brunch and gorgeous morning out for YOU at Centennial Homestead with women’s health expert, naturopath and nutritionist, Belinda Kirkpatrick.

We will chat to Belinda about all things hormone related – how they affect us, what causes them to go haywire and most importantly, how to rebalance them so you can get back to feeling like your fabulous self again!

Widowed at 24, newly pregnant and with a toddler, Belinda is a truly inspirational example of how we as women, can make extraordinary things happen when we have the drive and passion to achieve our dreams.


Note: The Green Elephant is creating a space at the event with their qualified educators to guide your little humans to explore and create. Your children will be able to immerse themselves in the world of The Green Elephant, inspiring their young minds to create, discover and become whoever they want to be for the day – while you get to relax!

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Naturopath and nutritionist Belinda Kirkpatrick grew up on a perfect mix of what her mum described as ‘East and West are Best’ healthcare, blending natural and conventional methods of treating childhood ailments, learning about health and nutrition with a more holistic approach. Ultimately this is what ignited her passion for helping people, specifically women, in being as healthy and well as they can be.

At age 24, with a toddler and newly pregnant with her second child, Belinda became widowed and found herself having to juggle life with two very small children on her own, while grieving the loss of her husband. Knowing she had to provide for her girls, she was determined to continue her dream of having her own naturopathy business and now, 12 years later, has her Sydney based clinic specialising in women’s health, fertility and miscarriage support.

Most recently, Belinda has published her first book, Healthy Hormones. It is jam packed full of practical advice, easy to understand information to help you better understand how hormones affect you and contains 50 recipes to help you fuel your body to balance your hormones and get you back to feeling fabulous again!

Belinda also created Seed, an interactive iPhone app to help women take control of their hormonal health. Seed has a premium period tracking tool, personalised health quiz, delicious recipes, supplement suggestions, tests to consider and so much more – it’s like having a naturopath at your fingertips.

Belinda is in clinical practice in Sydney, is an expert for Women’s Fitness magazine; designer of smoothie and juice recipes for commercial use, a mother of two beautiful girls and a constant time-juggler!




The Centennial Homestead
1 Grand Drive, Centennial Parklands, Sydney.
Tel:  02 9380 9350

Enter Centennial Parklands either via Robertson Gates off Lang Road, or Darley Road off Alison Road.

Free on-site parking at the venue for guests.


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Brunch + Childcare, Brunch Only