Our March brunch with author Belinda Kirkpatrick was incredible. She taught us so much, and introduced us to her book Healthy Hormones, which is not only beautiful but practical! Belinda, you are wise beyond words and we all walked away inspired and definitely ready make some simple changes to get ourselves back on track.


Belinda Kirkpatrick is a women’s health expert, naturopath and nutritionist with both a naturopathic degree and a Master of Reproductive Health. She practises an evidence-based approach to integrative healthcare and offers extensive knowledge of natural and conventional treatments.

Belinda knows about all things hormone related – how they affect us, what causes them to go haywire and most importantly, how to rebalance them so you can get back to feeling like your fabulous self again!

Widowed at 24, newly pregnant and with a toddler, Belinda is a truly inspirational example of how we as women, can make extraordinary things happen when we have the drive and passion to achieve our dreams.