Dream a Little Dream
with Lisa Burling

Date: Wednesday 31 July // Time: 10am – 12noon

Come and join us at the next Mum Society brunch, with inspirational guest speaker Lisa Burling.

Lisa was living what most would refer to as “the dream”. Hugely successful global PR career, constantly around A-list celebrities, living in London and regularly popping over to Spain for the weekend. Money was no issue; everything you could want – she was really loving her life.

Then, the expectations of a woman’s age came knocking, and she gave up her life and career to move back to Australia to start a family. As life would have it, it didn’t go to plan. She found herself with a 3-year-old and a 48-hour-old premmie baby in intensive care, left as a single mum while still in hospital, and with no job, moved home with her parents.

Come and hear Lisa as she talks about her first book, Dream a Little Dream – which gives you a front row seat into how she used the power of dreaming small to quickly shift her reality from one of unexpected trauma and devastating heartbreak, to fulfilment and opportunity. She is an absolute inspiration on how by dreaming a little, you end up achieving the big stuff!


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