It’s Time to Let Loose!
with Lucy Bloom

Date: Tuesday 29 October // Time: 10am – 12noon

Come and join us at the next Mum Society brunch, with the exceptionally inspirational and very entertaining, Lucy Bloom.

Having been hit by the proverbial truck of life more often than most, Lucy Bloom is no stranger to getting up off the floor and summoning the courage to rebuild herself. As a result, she has created her very best self, in all her rule-breaking, straight-talking, mischief-making glory!

In her past life, Lucy was the CEO of charities in both Ethiopia and Cambodia and ran a hugely successful boutique advertising agency. Now, she is an author, speaker, change maker, social entrepreneur and business fixer – not to mention, she sports a pretty impressive mowhawk!

Lucy has just published her second book, Get the Girls Out: a memoir of love, loss and letting loose (HarperCollins). It’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud as you read her brutally honest, incredibly inspirational, sometimes crude but oh so captivating account of her life, ultimately urging us in her unique way to find courage, take joy in life and celebrate our extraordinary ordinariness.

There is absolutely no doubt that Lucy dances to the beat of her own drum and that is just one of the many reasons we love her. So, come and let your hair down and have a laugh as we spend the morning being inspired by this utterly awesome, fiercely determined, one of a kind woman.


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