Raising Resilience
with Susie Mogg & Erin Mitchell

Date: Wednesday 19th February // Time: 10am – 12noon

Join us at the next Mum Society brunch, with the highly insightful and engaging Susie Mogg and Erin Mitchell from ‘Resilience in Kids’.

Could your child’s resilience do with a boost? Need tools  to help them cope with life’s trickier times? Maybe you’re struggling to cope with the pressures that being a parent can throw your way?

The research is in – resilient children do better in life. They’re more likely to reach their potential, achieve greater levels of mental wellbeing and are generally happier. So how can you build this critical skill in your kids?

Susie and Erin  from Resilience in Kids will teach  you how to do just that. They are passionate about helping kids thrive – no matter what life throws at them. They believe that resilience can be learnt and will share highly practical tools and strategies that you can apply straight away.

Discover why connection is your parenting superpower and why teaching your kids to manage their emotions can be game changing. They’ll also explore the myth of the perfect parent and why there’s no such thing!


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