It’s Your Story With Tracey Spicer

Date: Wednesday, 9th August// Time: 10am-12noon

Having worked as a newsreader and journalist for many years, Tracey Spicer is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected media personalities. Not one to shy away from standing up for her convictions, once ‘Good Girl’ Tracey, was not about to back down without a fight when she was sacked via email while on maternity leave.

As a mother of two and someone whose career has centred around telling stories and educating people on the many inequities in our society, who better than Tracey to pull back the curtains and expose the harsh realities of being a woman in a notoriously male dominated work environment.

With the recent launch of her new book, ‘The Good Girl Stripped Bare’, it’s the perfect time to join us for a beautiful brunch with Tracey at Centennial Homestead. You are guaranteed to be entertained and inspired as we hear how she was forced to remove her good girl shackles for both herself and the future equality of all women.

Good Girl Stripped Bare with Tracey Spicer

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