Sleep, Care, Overshare
with Sarah Harris & Sarah Hunstead

Date: Wednesday 19 June // Time: 10am – 12noon

There’s no doubt, if you’ve been planning to be a part of a Mum Society brunch, that THIS is the one you can’t miss!

We are going to be talking about three of the biggest topics in Mum World: sleep, self-care and the overshare. Everyone knows sleep makes the world go round for babies and their mums – when you’re deprived of it, it makes taking care of YOU just that little bit tougher (like it wasn’t already?!). Mum Society is a place where no topic is “too rude” or “gross” – knowing other people ‘get it’ when you’re talking blood, boobs or bad days is one of the lifesaving elements of motherhood. Even better if you’re hearing about it from someone who seems to “have it all”.


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