Having a successful business does not have to mean giving up everything but it does take dedication and knowledge. No one ever says it is an easy path and Kate Sutton and Tessa White have ridden some amazing waves along the way. They’ve shared, networked, collaborated and listened all in the pursuit of rising stronger and wiser collectively than they could alone.

During this inspiring Mum Society event, Tessa and Kate shared their journey so far and how partnering to create The Cult List was just something they couldn’t ignore and why they are excited about the idea of having another successful brand to their names despite still running their other babies as well.


Kate Sutton is the founder of Uberkate, the original and first brand of personalised jewelry in Australia. She has been designing and running Uberkate for over ten years and shows no sign of slowing down. She’s a thrift store devotee, a recent addict to the Stand Up Paddleboard sport and mother of 2 with an adoring Mr Uber by her side.

Tessa White is the founder of Down that Little Lane, an online store with over 800 boutique stores selling unique and personalised pieces for any situation or occasion. DTLL is only 3 years old but has created an amazing community in that short time thanks to an amazing social media reach. She’s an exercise nut, a second thrift store addict and mother of 2 with another amazing husband supporting her all the way.

Tess and Kate are partners in The Cult List their new brand that was born of friendship and is all about making life a little luxe with simple fashion and accessories designed by the duo and all with a little trademark TCL sparkle.