Often in motherhood, we put everything before ourselves – children, partners, friends, family, the washing, the cleaning – the list is endless. As mothers, we find it innately difficult to justify why ‘me’ time is important and all too soon, we start to wonder where the woman we had spent so many years learning to love has gone. Fear not, however, that woman is not gone forever – she’s merely been having a hiatus.

Mum Society has invited special guest, Kristy Withers, founder of Incy Interiors, to inspire you. In her warm and engaging style, Kristy demonstrated that through self-belief, success can be achieved.


Kristy Withers is a career creator and a shining example of success achieved through self-belief. Boldly and courageously, Kristy created her own career. Although she loved her work, she faced that all too familiar hurdle – finding the happy balance between work, family, self-worth and satisfaction. Not to be defeated, Kristy didn’t just jump this hurdle – she leapt over it. In her extensive quest to find her son’s first ‘big boy bed’, she recognised an opportunity to bring quality designer furniture to Australia. Incy Interiors was born and Kristy’s own career was created.

Having spent the bulk of her pre-baby working life as a marketing manager at eBay, Kristy Withers saw a broad range of children’s furniture in Europe and the US on business trips, took the seed of an idea for her own business and grew it.

Since identifying a gap in the market when shopping around for her son Oscar’s first ‘big boy’ bed, Kristy has developed a range of high quality furniture for her online store, incy interiors.

With an eye for style and consideration for price, incy interiors, is bringing designer children’s bedroom furniture to Australian homes. Today its high quality furniture is stocked in more than 75 stores nationally, as well as servicing other areas of Australia and New Zealand through the online store.