The idea of BALANCE in motherhood sometimes feels like some unattainable sparkling jewel. If you are anything like me, some days just seem filled with milk spills, squished banana, and endless loads of washing. If this sounds all too familiar then look no further – I’ve found your lady. We spent the morning with Nikki Parkinson and she became our new best friend.

Nikki is the guru of all things stylish, delivering a real-girls guide to fashion, beauty and life in her blog Styling You. In her entertaining and motivational manner, she will show us that balance is not a dirty word. Some days are diamonds, some you just have to show up and hang out in the trenches.


Nikki Parkinson is a former fashion and beauty journalist who never got over the fact that Barbie dolls were banned from her childhood. Six years ago she left journalism to start a personal styling business.

Now her blog, Styling You, is her business and she is a published author (Unlock Your Style, Hachette 2014). Each day thousands of women from around Australia seek out her advice on what to wear and where to shop.

She believes every style rut has an escape route and that a new pair of shoes and a fresh pop of lippy (preferably both) can solve most First World problems. Especially if worn while carrying a flute of Champagne in one hand.