At the end of last year (can’t believe I’m writing that), we hosted Chelsea Pottenger and Steph Pase! It was the day of the once in a 44 year storm, so bad that our other guest, the gorgeous Libby Tickett, couldn’t get to Sydney as her flight was cancelled…

Those who braved it had a gorgeous morning and left incredibly uplifted! The honesty that was shared made everyone feel less alone and we couldn’t be more grateful to have hosted them!!


Chelsea Pottenger

Chelsea is a former division one USA college basketball athlete and top senior corporate professional, as well as an ambassador for the Gidget Foundation and RUOK? She is also a psychologist, neuroscientist and accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher who helps women with PND, of which she herself battled.

Steph Pase

Steph Pase is the mama behind ‘Just Another Mummy Blog’. She is a mother of two and has a background in makeup artistry and fitness, and regularly shares her experience with anxiety. Steph gives us an insight to her everyday life; balancing her two girls, Harper and Willow, running her blog all whilst attempting to drink her coffee while it’s still warm. She loves to share her everyday tips and tricks along with her love of interiors and organising whilst sharing her honest experiences through motherhood.