Thank you so much to Elle Halliwell for being an incredible guest at our brunch. Our morning was not only stunning, it was raw and honest and completely uplifting! Elle has the most amazing outlook on life and she is so unbelievably kind!


Elle Halliwell was no stranger to news headlines. More than ten years’ experience as a successful journalist and popular showbiz and fashion commentator had seen her producing hundreds of headlines over the years via her weekly columns in The Daily and Sunday Telegraphs, and television appearances on 9NewsNOW.

However, in 2016 Elle’s life took an unexpected and tragic turn and she found herself front and centre of news headlines, after revealing she was battling a rare form of blood cancer, chronic myeloid leukaemia, while also being pregnant with her first child.

Elle faced a decision that no mother should have to – terminate her pregnancy and begin cancer treatment straight away, or delay treatment and risk her life to give her unborn baby the gift of his. Elle chose to continue with her pregnancy.

Thankfully, both she and baby beat the odds and son Tor is now 16 months old and the light of his mum and dad’s life. Elle began her cancer treatment soon after Tor’s birth and will continue it until the cancer becomes undetectable in her blood.

Since her diagnosis Elle, a chronic anxiety sufferer, learned very quickly not look too far to the future and worry about what may or may not happen. She also didn’t have the mental capacity to agonise over the small stuff and made a deal with herself to not let anxiety dominate her life any longer – a deal which she has kept to this day.

As if trying to manage the side effects of her treatment and looking after a baby wasn’t enough of a juggle, Elle also wrote her first book, ‘A Mother’s Choice’ which has just been published.

She has begun studying naturopathy and health coaching and is an ambassador for the Cancer Council and The Leukaemia Foundation.