You’ve got to have friends’, and no truer words have been spoken about these four fabulous women…bloggers, businesswomen, mums, wives and friends. We were thrilled to have Mrs Woog, Uberkate, Baby Mac and Life Love and Hiccups join us for brunch in May where they had the audience hooked from the word go, with their tales of life, business, motherhood and the importance of great friends.


Mrs Woog, aka Kayte, is the author of the hugely popular and hilarious blog, Woogsworld. She describes herself as a mouthy 40-something housewife from the burbs who is pretty much running late all the time, and will more often than not turn up somewhere with food spilt down her top…yes, us too! In 2016 she published her first book Primary School Confidential which has been a huge hit!

BabyMac, aka Beth, is a mum of three girls aged 8, 6 and 1 and lives in a small village in the Southern Highlands of NSW. She’s a well known and loved blogger whose favourite things in life are family, cooking (and eating), prosecco (bubbles!), long lunches and fresh flowers in her gorgeous country home. Beth is refreshingly honest and tells it like it is and we love that about her!

Kate Sutton is the founder of Uberkate, the original and first brand of personalised jewellery in Australia. She has been designing and running Uberkate for over ten years and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. She’s a thrift store devotee, a mother of two, and is real, down to earth and just lovely. You will feel like you’ve known her forever.

Being a true Gemini, Sonia Stackhouse has a personality for every different occasion and all of them are expressed in her blog, Life Love and Hiccups. It’s also her outlet to share her fabulously flawed attempts at being a perfect mum and wife. Besides hanging out with her three gorgeous sons and handsome hubby, Sonia’s other happy place is her creative haven Little Lane Workshops a place where people can come together to escape the world and feed their creative soul. Sounds like bliss!