Mummy Time with Chezzi Denyer & Lauren Dubois


Wednesday, 9th May, 10am – 12noon

Join us for a beautiful brunch and gorgeous morning out for YOU at Centennial Homestead with producing powerhouse, mum of two, and creator of Mummy Time TV, Chezzi Denyer AND former political journalist, mum of two and creator of award-winning blog The Thud, Lauren Dubois!

Chezzi and Lauren are joining forces to throw a cold, hard dose of reality onto the myth of motherhood bliss. In this refreshingly honest chat, we will discuss everything from sleep (what’s that?) to boobs (newly located southward) to pelvic floors (leakage panties anyone?) to sex (refer to ‘sleep’) and anything else relating to motherhood.

When you’re deep in the trenches, feeling alone and isolated, connection with others can make all the difference…as can a bloody good laugh!


Note: The Green Elephant is creating a space at the event with their qualified educators to guide your little humans to explore and create. Your children will be able to immerse themselves in the world of The Green Elephant, inspiring their young minds to create, discover and become whoever they want to be for the day – while you get to relax!



It can be all too easy to look from the outside and assume other people – other mothers– have it together. When you’re deep in the trenches it can feel as though you’re the only one struggling…the only mother not revelling in beloved baby bliss.

Thank goodness for women like Chezzi Denyer and Lauren Dubois who are joining forces to throw a cold hard dose of reality onto the myth of motherhood bliss, at our next Mum Society event!

With extensive experience across television, radio and politics, producing powerhouse Chezzi found herself plagued with postnatal anxiety after the traumatic birth of her first daughter Sailor in 2011. Combine this with several bouts of mastitis and being constantly on the road with weather presenter husband, Grant, it’s no surprise Chezzi was feeling alone and isolated. Now safely out the other side, and with second daughter Scout also having joined the family, Chezzi has created online mother’s group Mummy Time TV, a place to chat, laugh and even cry as she and her guests discuss all things baby and parenting.

Former political journalist Lauren assumed that having dealt with tantrums and meltdowns from the people who run our country, having children would be a breeze. Now with two children, lovingly referred to as Thud and Pop, she realises just how wrong she was! Finding herself feeling isolated and struggling with her confidence is this new world of parenting, Lauren started her award-winning blog The Thud, where she shares her raw, hilarious and often foul-mouthed muses about surviving motherhood.

Join us on May 9 for a refreshingly honest look at motherhood through the eyes of Chezzi and Lauren, where no topic will be off limits! We will discuss everything from sleep (what’s that?) to boobs (newly located southward) to pelvic floors (leakage panties anyone?) to sex (refer to ‘sleep’) and anything else relating to motherhood. Chezzi and Lauren are all about telling it like it is and what better way to do it than while having a bloody good laugh!




The Centennial Homestead
1 Grand Drive, Centennial Parklands, Sydney.
Tel:  02 9380 9350

Enter Centennial Parklands either via Robertson Gates off Lang Road, or Darley Road off Alison Road.

Free on-site parking at the venue for guests.


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