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You often hear that males seek a partner who has traits similar to their mum. I can hear you groan ‘not me’ and for some time I didn’t believe it either.

This week, we say goodbye to my Mother In Law.

I’ve spent the evenings listening to my husband tell me stories of the past, and her incredible life from ration cards to what it took to raise two beautiful sons after the loss of her own husband. It makes me realise that being compared to her at any stage is the greatest compliment I will ever receive. After all, she is responsible for shaping the man I married.

There are so many reasons I feel the need to share this. I believe that when we are deep in the trenches of parenting, perspective is the first thing to go and in times like this, we need to be reminded that doing our best is all we can do and it is truly enough.

LOVE EQUALS TIME. It really is that simple.
Kylie x

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