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Looking back over the past few months, I can now admit that I was absolutely totally and completely broken, there was even a brown paper bag blowing anxiety incident over the state of my life. Another child – are we mad, owning and operating a business, building a home, selling our house, sleep deprivation and the constant noise…. oh the noise….and did I mention sleep deprivation?

My broken mindset and overall glass half empty attitude nearly shattered me into a thousand pieces and looking at it after a much needed family holiday gave me the insight that my overall mindset can almost entirely be attributed to sleep deprivation and a complete lack of DOWN TIME. In Fiji, we reconnected as a family and I guess ‘found each other’ as a couple which sounds incredibly cheesy but hanging out each night felt almost decadent and as a result I don’t even hate my husband anymore ;-).

Before our recent break, I can’t remember the last time I actually switched off and dare I say it, was ‘present’. It’s not rocket science and I do feel a little stupid being the very last to consider meditation as an option and am well aware that it is widely recognised (and has been recommended to me more times than I would care to admit) but I was constantly asking myself,  ‘How on earth am I supposed to get that happening on top of everything else?’

I’ve learned to shuffle my priorities temporarily and doing this has lead me to our next speakers Jacinta Tynan & Leonie Percy for “UNPLUG & PLAY” on the 8 June, 10am at Centennial Parklands Dining. Jacinta and Leonie will talk about the expectations on modern-day mums, keeping your head in the NOW, knowing who you are and embracing it, and making the moments count. They will bust a few myths surrounding meditation and will demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate it into every day. There may even be chocolate involved!

My restored positive and shiny disposition can also be attributed to my recent stay at Tresillian. It certainly didn’t start that way, and walking up the ramp I felt like a giant failure and couldn’t believe that I was admitting defeat AGAIN. What a crazy way to think and I owe it to you and to myself to be honest and share these experiences so that hopefully you too will feel more confident to put your hand up and ask for HELP when you need it.

Sleep was almost non-existent in our house and we were generally awake anywhere between 11-1am until 4am EVERY, SINGLE, NIGHT! Once I got past the initial pang, it was almost as good as Fiji excluding the cocktails and delicious food. I am not exaggerating! I feel restored and lighter for the opportunity to unload to a professional. We are almost sleeping at home again and everyone is a lot happier. I am brighter and feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

So now that I have the year started, bring it on but please be patient with me and Mum Society because we have a huge vision and we are well on our way but for now, in this moment, my family need me and I need to keep my priorities in check to prevent another burn out.

Kylie x

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