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I can’t believe how quickly time is going now that I am in the third trimester (35 weeks now) with Oopsie Daisy. I need a PAUSE button! First pregnancy was all ‘me, me, me’ and was quite slow. Second pregnancy was chasing after no. 1 but still with some anticipation and excitement and ‘moments’ to think. Third pregnancy, well I’ve hardly been able to scratch an itch and am already at the point where I can’t reach my feet! I’ve no idea how it happened or where the time has gone.

I am still terrified about having a third child but holding hope that I will embrace this more than the last two because third time lucky right? I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it is going to be impossible to control everything so maybe I will throw my hands in the air and enjoy the chaos. Learning of the yearning that so many women have for a third is teaching me to be grateful. I was certainly reassured earlier this month by Beth Macdonald about the whole thing though her kids’ age difference seemed a little more sensible!

There were snorts of laughter from everyone in the room at our Beth Macdonald brunch and I certainly walked away with a new friend. Everyone in the room felt they could take a chance, believe in themselves and gain back a little piece of who they were pre-children! The album from the event was shot by BLUMENTHAL PHOTOGRAPHY and can be viewed here and as usual is absolutely STUNNING, don’t forget to book your shoot!

Next month, we are thrilled to welcome SALLY OBERMEDER – TV journalist, author, owner of SWIISH and all-round superstar to Mum Society for the second time (yes, the first time was THAT good!). No stranger to earth-shattering, life-changing experiences, Sally is one of life’s great warriors. She’s battled infertility and cancer, and is now navigating the journey of surrogacy to welcome her second child. How can you go through all of that and not learn some huge life lessons??

Prepare to laugh, cry and be ridiculously inspired as Sally shares stories about her experiences. We’ll be talking about turning negatives into positives, staying strong in the face of challenge, and remembering to look after ourselves when the storms do hit.

Joining Sally will be her sister, Maha. As well as being pumped with inspiration by these two lovely ladies, you’ll receive a copy of Sally and Maha’s new book, The Good Life, and you’ll be treated to a fully catered brunch in the gorgeous Centennial Parklands while your little ones are taken care of by our complimentary, professional child-minding service*

I hope to see you there
Kylie x

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